Stunning glass splashbacks for Canberra kitchens.
Installed fast, at prices you'll love.
Stunning glass splashbacks for Canberra kitchens.
Installed fast, at prices you'll love.

Welcome to Capital Glass Splashbacks - One of the Best Splashback Companies in Canberra

Full kitchen renovations can be expensive. But a lot of the time, they can be avoided. Especially when a simple facelift with new kitchen splashbacks is all you need to make your kitchen beautiful again.

Take a look at your kitchen right now. Is there old grout between the tiles? Is the wall behind the stovetop crying out for a lick of paint?

Let’s face it. Most kitchens are in need of some extra attention.

The good news is that updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be a stressful undertaking, or cost you an arm and a leg.

It’s easy to breathe new life into your kitchen with custom kitchen splashbacks made in Canberra by Capital Glass Splashbacks. As one of the leading splashback companies in Canberra, you can trust our experts to provide you with a stylish and functional solution that ticks all the boxes.

mirrorMirrored Splashbacks

If your kitchen is tucked away in a corner or away from windows, this is the splashback for you. Mirrored splashbacks are ideal for kitchens without natural light sources, helping to give the room a sense of light and spaciousness.

Architects, interior designers and homeowners alike favour kitchen mirror splashbacks in Canberra because they’re almost like additional windows. They give the illusion of open space and make your kitchen look bigger and more inviting.

mirrorPainted Splashbacks

If you’re looking for a custom solution to complement the unique decor and look of your home, our painted kitchen splashbacks in Canberra are an ideal choice. Many of our clients opt for painted glass splashbacks due to them being durable, stylish and easy to clean.

With endless colour options available, our painted glass splashbacks aren’t just perfect for kitchens – they also look great in bathrooms and laundries to add a splash of colour.

Which design will you choose for your home?

mirrorPrinted Splashbacks

For visionary interior designers or adventurous homeowners looking for something different, printed glass splashbacks add instant value to any kitchen.

Whether you wish to supply your own splashback design or you want to choose from our range of tried-and-true printed designs, you can trust our team to provide a solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Because they present a great opportunity for custom branding, our printed glass kitchen splashbacks in Canberra are extremely popular with hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and retail stores. They’re also just as hardwearing as our painted glass splashbacks.


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